ITF Enhancing Human Security
SZabrv 12
T1292 Ig
Amb Tomaž Lovrenčič
Ms Sabina Beber Boštjančič
Deputy Director
Ms Katarina Cvikl Balić
Project Manager
Mr Andrej Golob
Project Manager
Ms Andreja Gorišek
General Affairs and Human Resources
Ms Nina Ivić
Project Manager
Ms Karmen Kadunc
Financial Officer
Ms Urša Marinšek Šrot
Tenders and Projects Coordinator
Ms Darja Matelič
Financial Officer
Mr Blaž Mihelič
Project Manager
Mr Martin Silič
Project Manager
Mr Urban Špital
Project Manager
Ms Nataša Uršič
Project Manager

ITF Representative Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina

ITF Enhancing Human Security
Representative Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina
SFra Anđela Zvizdovića 1 (Tower B, VI floor)
T71 000 Sarajevo
CBosnia and Herzegovina
Mr Gregor Sančanin
Head of ITF Representative Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Ms Maja Ličanin-Karić
Administrative and Financial Officer
Mr Aldin Korjenić
Demining Coordinator

ITF Temporary Implementation Offices in Afghanistan/Libya

Mr Roman Turšič
Head of ITF Temporary Implementation Office in Afghanistan/Libya
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@ITFsi: Amb Renata Cvelbar Bek @SLOinESP kindly hosted a lunch with Amb Alberto Furmanski Goldstein @EmbajadaCol to discuss…
@ITFsi: During 2010-2014, Amb Lovrenčič was the Director of the EU Satellite Centre (SatCen). He visited Pascal Legai, SatC…
*The designation Kosovo is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSC 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.