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Disarm the Silent Killer

One landmine costs 3$-10$, however, it takes between 100$ and 1000$ to remove it. Landmines’ quiet waiting and the resilience to external effects makes them the perfect soldiers. In addition to posing a direct danger to the civilian population, mine fields prevent the provision of humanitarian aid or land cultivation, and consequently the development of the affected areas.

Support our demining efforts and contribute towards enhancing the quality of life of the affected communities.

Build a Brighter Future

The long-term effects of a conflict or natural disaster remain long after the immediate relief has been provided. Destroyed infrastructure, limited capacities and the medical and psychological effects on the affected population require a comprehensive approach.

Contribute towards a sustainable future and enable brighter prospects for persons who cannot do so themselves.

Offline donation

If you are unable to use your credit card or PayPal but would like to contibute, we welcome you to donate via bank transfer.

Please use the following bank account information:

  • ITF Enhancing Human Security
    Zabrv 12, 1292 Ig, Slovenia 
  • Bank Name and Address:
    Sberbank banka d.d., Dunajska 128/A, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • Swift/BIC:
  • Account Number:
    30000 0206276259
  • IBAN:
    SI56 30000 0206276259
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